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C3 staff is available to help during this time.
COVID-19 has placed us in unprecedented times. While we are in uncharted territory, employers, recruiters and post-grad admissions offices are too. For the next few weeks, things will be a bit rocky as employers and post-grad programs shift to supporting their current employees, faculty and grad students. Rest assured, they will return to hiring and/or admitting. The good news is that jobs are still being posted and you have been given the gift of time to work on your career planning!
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  • Schedule a virtual appointment using and follow the steps as you normally would.
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  • You can also reach out to our program coordinator, Karina Guerrero at kguerrero@, with questions or concerns.

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C3 is a holistic life and career planning environment designed to help you find your personal purpose and meaning.

Start with our online resources throughout the website but schedule an appointment with a C3 Staff Member to learn more!

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We are co-located in McCabe Hall with our Alumni and Provost Offices to ensure that OUR connections become YOUR connections.

Join our network of alumni who are passionate about Coe and eager to connect with students; businesses and community partners who support Coe events, programs and operations; and Coe faculty who support experiential learning as a key component to developing 21st century skills within our students.

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